Perhaps you learning in a crowded environment like a group session will not adequately fulfill your desire to jump-start your transformation so that you could live your higher purpose in life now. You’re seeking a quantum-leap kind of results for a specific project or goal and would love expert help in getting you there.

If the above resonates quite a bit with you, then the VIP POWER DAY® is the right option for you. Serious inquiries only!

Helpful self-selection Criteria for Coaching Option #3

  • You are seeking deep insights and marketing strategy to uncover and monetize the hidden revenue streams opportunities in your existing business.
  • You’ve lost sight of the big vision for your life and business, and you’ve have been focused on managing the day-to-day operations of your business instead of growing your business.
  • You’re in business (or wanting to start your own business); you’ve got more questions swirling around your brain than answers.
  • Your mind is swimming in confusion and you’ve got a lot of unanswered questions keeping you up at night.
  • You have analysis- paralysis; fear, doubt and worry about the future and you’re seeking immediate help and directions.
  • You’re in business and you’ve got to make a critical decision and you need an expert guidance to help choose properly from the different options you’re presented with.
  • You want to start your own business and have a 5-figure income and have a strong desire to use your available resources to structure and launch a 6-figure business based on your unique set of skills and values.
    You have so many speaking engagements and exposure opportunities, yet you’re not clear on how to fully use those opportunities or further raise your brand awareness and profits.
  • You’re planning a product or service launch, and are seeking guidance on how to make it happen in a way that can maximize your profits.
  • Everything is fine in your business, but it feels like your personal life is falling apart and suffering. You’re seeking ways to balance the two aspects of your life.
  • You are seeking deep insights and marketing strategy to uncover and monetize the hidden revenue streams opportunities in your existing business.
  • You desire the opportunity of having more of hands-on and face-to-face guidance. You learn most effectively in live-on event or environment.
  • If any of the above criteria resonates with you and applies to you, then I’d recommend Coaching Option #4 that has more in-depth follow support and assistance.

Benefits of Coaching Option #3

  • Get more in-depth and face-to-face support to accelerate your progress.
  • Get clarity on the right direction to take in your life and business with an extensive .
  • Obtain your desired results and uplevel your life to the next stage in less time.
  • Eliminate all uncertainty, doubt, fear,feeling loss, and wasting time with my guidance.
  • Get expert help in selecting the right opportunities to grow your business and improve your life.
    The opportunity to have more of a hands-on help with implementation of your action plan to achieve a certain pre-defined outcome.
    Get my personal support to help you navigate through any urgent and or emerging situations.
    Receive my help in implementing the first stepping stone of your plan and shorten your learning curve by years.


  • Initial Business evaluation and assessment.
  • A 90-minute Jump-start strategy session call session and program details.
  • One- VIP DAY with me live. We will work together one-on-one in private to create the best possible growth path and solution for your business or one of your projects right now.
  • Receive a 3-month step-by-step action plan unique to your business and particular to your lifestyle.
  • One 60-minutes review and follow-up phone call scheduled the week after VIP-DAY.
  • Two 30-minutes laser follow-up calls scheduled within 30 days from your VIP DAY.
  • Unlimited Email Access and Support for 30 days from time of your VIP DAY.
  • Fire Your Employer Special Pack (book, Entrepreneur Activator Tool).
  • Four (4) Emergency-Call Vouchers,15 minutes each to my private number that you can use within 30 days for any questions or situations that you might be facing (Rules Apply).
  • Receive un-announced bonuses and gifts.

Your investment in the VIP POWER DAY® is one payment of $9000 in USD or TWO Payments Of $4750 all due before commencement of VIP POWER DAY®

(Regular hourly rate is $1500, you’re getting a value of well over $25,900 -Limited Availability)

This program is held in Central California. Alternative location exceptions can be made at my own discretion and with an additional travel payment of $3000 for the continental USA and $6500 for international. Serious inquiries only! Very few spots are available per year.


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