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Erfan Hettini has been a lifelong entrepreneur; he actually did his first transaction at age seven, when he sold his sandwich in elementary school for a quarter. While in college, Erfan started his first successful business which was a vending company with many more to follow.

His powerful Book 101 Reasons You Should Fire Your Employer & Start Your Own Business was born a few years ago when he started writing down his reasons not to ever work for someone else and seeking ways to start his own business once more-right after a job loss..

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Are you at a crossroad in your life or business? Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or already an established business owner. I can help you resolve and figure out your business and life questions.


You’re looking to just get started in organizing a business plan or strategy or getting the right information from the get-go to place yourself on the right track and wanting a short-time commitment. This coaching option provides you just that at an affordable price.


You’re already an established business owner with steady or stagnant revenues and you’ve been looking for growth opportunities within your business and you just don’t know where to look or start, or you’re facing a major challenge with your business


Perhaps you learning in a crowded environment like a group session will not adequately fulfill your desire to jump-start your transformation so that you could live your higher purpose in life now. You’re seeking a quantum-leap kind of results.

Books by Erfan Hettini

Do You Want to DISCOVER The Secret Weapon to UNLEASH The Entrepreneur Within? Become UNSTOPPABLE, and Turn Your PASSION INTO CASH..!! Then read on...

The 3 Key Steps to Success in the New Digital Economy

A Proven, 3-Step Process to Creating Financial Success in The New Digital Economy Starting From Scratch.

You’re about to discover how to Create financial success online using a 3-step process that’s essential for your long-term success in the new digital economy.

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101 Reasons You Should Fire Your Employer & Start Your Own Business

My book will heighten your entrepreneur awareness and unveil to you what you would truly like and value the most in a business of your own. You’ll awaken the entrepreneur within for sure with the help of my book just like I did.

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Blog from Erfan Hettini

Your Online Business and Twitter: How Using Twitter Effectively Can Grow Your Business

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:36 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

Twitter only allows you to create a 140 message, but this free social networking tool is one of the biggest effective ones in the market. Here are the different ways on how Twitter and your business go well together: You can offer your customers and potential customers a taste and a glimpse into your business-all…continue reading

What It Takes to Fire Your Employer

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:34 pm into Entrepreneurship by Erfan Hettini

What would you do or say if I tell you that you can fire your boss? Surely, your face is lighting up. You feel suddenly giddy and excited over the prospect. In the back of your mind, you may be saying, “Finally, I can get rid of these corporate shackles and chains.” But you would…continue reading

Starting a Small Online Business: The Affiliate Marketing Rules You Should Never Forget

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:33 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

Even with the emergence of new methods of earning money online, affiliate marketing still remains to be one of the most formidable and proven methods. And why not, for one, you don’t have to worry about any inventory. You simply have to make your product offering to a selected market, direct them to the main…continue reading

Starting a Small Online Business: Increase Followers with Aweber

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:32 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

Persuading leads to sign up to your mailing list isn’t the end of the job. In fact, you’re just starting. Your main task is to keep your leads subscribed with you and then transform those leads into an on-going buyers and loyal customers. You can do that by doing e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is effective…continue reading

Starting a Small Online Business: 4 Critical Steps to Success

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:30 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

If you’re in an online business, then you should know beforehand: there’s no such thing as guaranteed success. However, you can take the best steps to increase your chances of succeeding. There are many of them, but we’ll begin with 5: Start small. One of the biggest advantages of having an online business is that you…continue reading

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