You’re already an established business owner with steady or stagnant revenues and you’ve been looking for growth opportunities within your business and you just don’t know where to look or start, or you’re facing a major challenge with your business and you’re looking for an expert set of eyes to help you navigate and get you back on track with a short-time commitment. This coaching option is ideal for you and will provide just that at an affordable price.

Helpful self-selection Criteria for Coaching Option #2

  • You have a very important decision to make quickly, and you are in need of expert guidance to navigate through the maze of different options and the crossroads before you.
  • You’ve already started your own business and your sales are stagnant or worse plummeting and urgently in need of shortcuts to make a decision.
  • You’ve come so far on your own … but now you’re stuck and you can’t identify what’s holding you back. You’ve got a slick-spot that’s not allowing you to cast the fog and see the expansion opportunities in your business.
  • You’re in a dire need of bigger, broader exposure for your business and products.
  • You’re burnt out, tired and can’t seem to find the right support, or the time to get all the important projects done and seeking to discover ways to manage your time more effectively.
  • You know what you want for yourself and business, but you’re not sure how to connect-the-dots and need a business expert eyes to show you the possibilities.
  • You desire the opportunity for more in-depth one-on-one coaching, tailored specifically to your unique business and life situation, rather than being in group feedback or networking setting.
  • You’re not feeling passionate about whatever you’re doing and you don’t even know why you’re doing it. You’ve been searching for your true purpose and big “WHY”.
  • If any of the above criteria resonates with you and applies to you, then I’d recommend Coaching Option #2 that has more in-depth follow support and assistance.

Benefits for Coaching Option #2

  • Get more in-depth of the support you need for a longer period of time.
  • Get clarity on the right direction to take in your life and business.
  • Obtain your desired results and uplevel your life to the next stage in less time.
  • Eliminate all uncertainty, doubt, fear,feeling loss, and wasting time with my guidance.
  • Get to identify the right opportunities and make the right choices that work best in your particular situation.


  • Initial business evaluation questionnaire and strategy call set-up.
    One-on-one strategy session by phone,Skype, or Live Chat (when possible) (60- Minutes)
    Six 30-mintue Follow-UP Laser Calls scheduled one per week for six (6) weeks
  • One extra re-cap and bonus 30-mintue Laser Call scheduled within 30 days of first strategy session.
  • Progress reports and weekly assignments.
  • Unlimited email access and support for 45 days from time of first strategy session.
  • Fire Your Employer Special Pack (book, Entrepreneur Activator Tool) ($97 Value)
  • Two (2) Emergency-Call Vouchers,15 minutes each to my private number that you can use within 45 days for any urgent questions or sudden situations that might arise.

One Payment of $4997 USD for POWER HOUR DELUXE COACHING OPTION or TWO payments of $2700

(Regular hourly rate is $1500, you’re getting a value of well over $7800 -Limited Availability)


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