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Starting a Business Online: WordPress vs. Independent Website

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:24 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

You’re giddy to start your own online business, and fortunately, you’ve already chosen your platform. After weighing the different pros and cons, you’ve finally decided to settle on WordPress. This is a very easy to use platform, it works well with Fantastico, provides very clean layout, offers marvelous organization of pages, and complements thousands of…continue reading

Starting a Business Online: The Top 4 Mistakes That can Break the Bank

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:23 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

Mistakes are often considered as lessons learned. The sad part is that a number of them possess price tags, and they can drain your bank account in a jiffy. So while errors are the greatest teachers, prevention will always remain a whole lot better than cure. Avoid these costly mistakes like a plague: Forgetting about…continue reading

Starting a Business Online: Promote Your Website via Message Boards

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:22 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

The use of message boards has evolved. It’s no longer operates as just your virtual sounding board or merely composed of threads and posts. Online business owners have learned how to utilize them as additional avenues for promoting their products. Why Use Message Boards Message boards or forums do have a variety of uses for…continue reading

How to Start an Online Business: Create a Lead-Generating Squeeze Page Today

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:17 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

If there’s one page that you shouldn’t forget creating, it’s your squeeze page. Also called the landing page, its main job is to lead visitors to your online business. You do this, by convincing them to opt in, in exchange for some free valuable content from you. They provide you with their names and e-mail…continue reading

How to Start an Online Business: 7 Tips to Staging a Successful Webinar

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:16 pm into Online Business by Erfan Hettini

When it comes to setting up and operating a business, especially online, it’s sometimes wise to listen to the counsel of the elder: two heads are better than one. It simply multiplies the benefits into two-folds or even more, depending on how many partners you can obtain. One of the most successful methods of online…continue reading