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What It Takes to Fire Your Employer

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:34 pm into Entrepreneurship by Erfan Hettini

What would you do or say if I tell you that you can fire your boss? Surely, your face is lighting up. You feel suddenly giddy and excited over the prospect. In the back of your mind, you may be saying, “Finally, I can get rid of these corporate shackles and chains.” But you would…continue reading

Learn the Difference between Freelancing and Entrepreneurship

Published at Jun.15 2016 17:20 pm into Entrepreneurship by Erfan Hettini

Seth Godin has definitely effectively spelled the difference between a freelancer and an online entrepreneur. If you’re the former, you earn because you work. On the other hand, you are called an entrepreneur if money comes in even when you’re sleeping. Of course, between the two, you surely want to be an entrepreneur. But that…continue reading